Finding Nimmo

If you’re hoping this article has to do with a lost, young clown fish named Nemo, that goes on an adventure in the deep blue sea with quirky fish named Dory, then I apologize for leading you on.  Instead, this article looks into the happy, young gun Mets outfielder, Brandon Nimmo. Nimmo may not be lost in the aspect that no one can find him, just that he’s looking for his identity in the baseball world.

A Mets outfield that once consisted of a mix of names such as Yoenis Céspedes, Curtis Granderson, Michael Conforto and Jay Bruce, unfortunately came to its demise in 2017. Now, Yoenis Céspedes and Michael Conforto should be back in 2018, so long as they don’t need to be reacquainted with any more MRI machines or surgery tables. Regardless, the injuries and trades that depleted the once dependable outfield, paved the way for Nimmo to make a name for himself.

Since being recalled in mid-June, Nimmo has taken his opportunity in stride. Nimmo’s offense seems to keep improving; he recently hit two home runs in a game. Yes, you’re reading that correctly: Brandon Nimmo hit TWO home runs in the same game! Nimmo has also made some terrific catches out in the outfield, showing off his defensive skills as well. With next year uncertain, Nimmo may see even more playing time, with a chance of platooning with Juan Lagares. 

With this season being lost, leaving a sour taste in most mouths, the ever so smiley, happy-go-lucky, Nimmo has a lot to be proud of. Looking towards 2018, Nimmo is making a case for himself to appear on the Opening Day roster. Keep up the good work, Nimms. In the words of Dory, “just keep swimming”.

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