Eli Manning: Hall of Famer

Under appreciated. Highly disrespected. Underrated. This is how the NFL world treats Eli Manning, Giants fans included. Truth of the matter is, no one appreciates the talent that’s in front of them.

Obviously, Manning hasn’t retired but there was a rumor circulating that this could be his final season. Manning gets ostracized more than any other two-time Super Bowl MVP. Other notable quarterbacks who have at least two Super Bowl MVPs are: Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw and well, Tom Brady. Those three names alone, make people dismiss Manning as a future Hall of Famer.

But when Manning’s stats are actually looked at more closely, they tell a very different story. Currently, Manning is in the top 10 on the all-time passing yards at number 8 with 48,677 yards. Interestingly enough, coming in at number 10 is Ben Roethlisberger (47,320 yards); another quarterback that not only was drafted the same year as Manning, but is seen as a Hall of Famer. How can you put Roethlisberger in and not Manning?

Manning also ranks in the top 10 in passing touchdowns, coming in at number 7 with 321, surpassing John Elway, Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers. Yes, that Philip Rivers; the one who was drafted by the Giants but traded to the Chargers because Eli didn’t want to play for the Chargers. People even say Rivers, who has never been to a Super Bowl, as a possible Hall of Fame candidate. So, how can you put Roethlisberger and Rivers in but not Manning?

Manning ranks in the top 10 in passes completed and passes attempted, coming in at number 7 in both categories. Surprisingly, Manning comes in at 21 on all-time interceptions. Yes, you are reading that right. Manning isn’t top 5, 10 or 20 in interceptions, but Brett Favre (1), Dan Marino (8) and Peyton Manning (9) are all in the top 10. Two of those quarterbacks are already in the Hall of Fame and well, there is no doubt Peyton will be a first ballot Hall of Famer, when his time comes.

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