Game 162

Here we are. The time has come. Game 162. Baseball season is over; well, for teams not going to the postseason, like my Mets. 

A season that started with such promise, hope and expectations ends with such a bitter taste in our mouths. Our hearts are broken, that hope was destroyed and it all happened very quickly. By the end of April, everything had fallen apart for the Mets, and we probably didn’t think it could get any worse at that point. We were very wrong.

Our starting rotation was in shambles, our star players were severely injured, we traded away our veterans. The towel was thrown in way before game 162. Still, the true blue and orange loyalists continued to live and die by each pitch, of every single game, on any given night. We’re suckers for this team; we’re gluttons for punishment.

The way I look at this season, is the way I see the way my life has gone in 2017: disappointed, sadness and despair. Just like I didn’t expect the Mets season to go the way it did, I didn’t expect my life to go the way it has. One awful thing after another. When it hit, it hit all at once, full force and I almost threw in the towel.

But no matter how low things got for me, personally, baseball seemed to be my saving grace, more than ever before. Maybe it was because I could relate so well to what was happening with the Mets. I like to think it was that they showed me that in even in the darkest hours, even when nothing could go right, everyday was a brand new day to try again. Weirdly enough, they gave me the hope I couldn’t give myself.

Going to the ballpark brought me joy and happiness. I was able to go out and actually enjoy being alive for a few hours. It was my escape, my safe haven, my demons couldn’t touch me there; I was free.

Baseball fills my spring and summer nights. It gives me passion, love, and joy. It teaches me loyalty, perseverance and humility. It’s truly the greatest sport to ever grace this Earth. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to, something to hold on to, something to care so deeply about. I needed this sport more than ever this year, and now I finish the year stronger, wiser and alive. 2018 will be here soon. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later. 

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